Invisalign — Orthodontics Don’t Get Better Than This

Have you put off getting braces because of the following issues?Invisalign orthodontics are available with the Marconi Dental Group.

All of that changes with Invisalign!

Why is Invisalign Convenient?

As you can see, Invisalign truly is convenient!

With Invisalign, your course of treatment is set from the beginning. All your trays, or aligners, are designed to take you from crooked teeth to straight teeth, in the time required by your specific circumstances. So your visits to Carmichael’s Marconi Dental Group, every few weeks or so, are simply to monitor your progress. You won’t leave each appointment with a thicker wire, or rubber bands ready to fly across the room when you open wide to yawn. Easy, convenient and comfortable — that’s what awaits you with Invisalign! Each new tray brings you one step closer to your new, straighter smile.

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