Orthodontics versus Veneers

Our Carmichael dentists can improve your smile with the latest in dental technologies.Do you love quick results? Does the time commitment required to straighten your teeth with orthodontics seem much too long? Do you stare at the before and after pictures of extreme smile makeovers, wishing that was you? You are the perfect candidate for veneers!

Veneers are a cosmetic solution to crooked, misaligned or drab teeth that just don’t have the “Wow!” factor you want. They can transform your crooked teeth into a smile that’s straighter, whiter and healthier looking. All of that of course sounds wonderful, but choosing veneers is still something to discuss with the dentists at the Marconi Dental Group, because the decision of veneers versus braces should not be made without educating yourself.

Why Not Take the Quick Route?

What could be bad about an almost instant revamp of your smile? Veneers don’t cure problems caused by the underlying structure of your jaw or the position of your teeth. By following proper orthodontic procedures, many cosmetic and health problems involving your teeth, gums and jaw can be solved permanently.

While veneers are long-lasting, they do need to be replaced — every five to twenty years, depending on your individual habits. For traditional veneers, your teeth would need to be permanently reshaped. While your teeth end up looking “perfect,” you are relying on dental appliances that require changes in eating and drinking habits to maintain those results. Another option is newer porcelain materials, such as Lumineers, that allow for thinner, longer lived veneers that require far less preparation to attach. In comparison, however, orthodontics leave your own teeth in their natural condition, with your bite and appearance improved.

So I Should Get Braces?

Does all this mean veneers are not an option for you? Absolutely not! They may very well be just the thing for your life and circumstances. After a personal consultation with the Marconi Dental Group, you’ll learn about the advantages to getting a fix for your less than perfect smile that takes days instead of months. We’ll also explain why orthodontic treatments like modern braces, Invisalign or Six Month Smiles might be the better approach to treating your concerns.

Make the Choice that Best Fits Your Teeth, Mouth and Smile!

Your Carmichael dentist, Dr. Alizadeh, is prepared to answer all of your questions regarding procedures, costs and benefits of veneers versus orthodontics. Contact us to arrange a personal consultation with the Marconi Dental Group to discuss your individual needs. Whether you decide for veneers or orthodontics, we can come up with a plan to give you that dazzling set of straight teeth you’ve always wanted!

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