Finding and Treating Oral Diseases

When you imagine a visit to the dentist, you probably think first of teeth. That’s what dentistry is all about, right? But along with keeping your teeth healthy and strong, the dental professionals at Carmichael’s Marconi Dental Group are here to keep your whole mouth healthy. Your regular dental visit includes an examination of your jaw, tongue and cheeks, in addition to your teeth and gums. What sort of problems is Dr. Alizadeh looking for? It’s not fun to talk about, but an important role of your dental visit is finding oral cancerscysts and various forms of infections in their earliest possible stages.

Dealing with Oral Infections

A bacterial infection in your mouth is treatable – but no sort of home remedy or over-the-counter wash will provide the cure. An oral rash, hairy tongue and halitosis – these need to be handled with antibiotics and prescription strength mouthwashes. If you are suffering with these conditions and trying to get rid of them yourself, you probably know by now you need some help. That help is waiting for you at the Marconi Dental Group, where your infection will be treated efficiently and discreetly.

Treating Dry Mouth

Another oral health problem is “dry mouth” or xerostomia, the absence of sufficient saliva. Drug store shelves are full of chewing gums, sprays and drops for this condition, but since saliva is essential to keeping your teeth and gums healthy, dry mouth is more that just an annoyance that can be handled with popping a mint now and then. If you suffer from xerostomia it’s time to step into the Carmichael office of the Marconi Dental Group and get your dry mouth properly diagnosed and treated.

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