When the upper jaw (the maxilla) and the lower jaw (the mandible) do not meet correctly, it creates difficulties in everyday life. Normal activities like eating, speaking or breathing are often affected. When jawbones are seriously misaligned from damage or improper development, oral surgery on one or both jaws may be needed to correct the problem. This is called orthognathic surgery. It is sometimes recommended by our dentists in Sacramento for dealing with issues like:

This list is sadly not comprehensive — other circumstances might call for some level of orthognathic surgery.

If you receive a recommendation for this surgery, be assured that the Marconi Dental Group in Sacramento is ready and able to help you. Our experienced team consists of more than primary dental practitioners. We also have certified dental specialists, such as oral surgeons, skilled assistants, and even an in-house dental lab to help our highly-qualified staff. Please contact our office by phone or schedule a free consultation online to discuss the details of your procedure.

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