You are probably familiar with the problem of  impacted wisdom teeth, a dental condition that is almost a rite of passage for teenagers and young adults. Since wisdom teeth are at the back of the jaw and seldom seen, they are hardly missed when extracted. But your canine teeth? Your smile, your confidence and the ability to bite properly are all affected if these teeth do not come in properly. If you or your child have impacted canines, it is essential that the dentists at Carmichael’s Marconi Dental Group are contacted for a consultation.

What are canines, or cuspids? You may know them as “eye teeth,” so named because they are in line with a person’s eyes. You should have two canines in both your upper and lower jaw. They are the strongest teeth you have, used for tearing into your most meaty meals. Because of this need for strength, your canines have the longest roots of all your teeth. They are an essential part of your bite and balanced smile for these reasons:

Why do Canines Become Impacted?

Your canine teeth, when they came in, were some of the last to emerge. Why do they not show up at all in some people? There are various reasons, but here are the most common:

The fact that teeth don’t always come in like they’re supposed to highlights the need for regular dental visits when young teeth are developing. If you suspect your child has impacted canines, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with the Marconi Dental Group. With regular dental visits, X-rays and examinations, the problem of impacted canines can be found out early when treatment is easier. What if you are an adult and your canines never came in? Don’t worry, they are most likely up there, waiting patiently for the dentists at Marconi Dental Group to help them find their way into your smile.

Treatment for Impacted Canines

After assessing your situation, a plan will be devised to make room for your canines. Then, through oral surgery, your camera shy eye tooth will be exposed. If necessary, orthodontics will be used to bring your canine into its proper place over time. If you fear the procedure, sleep dentistry will help you relax and remember little, if anything, of the procedure.

The result? Your smile or the smile of your child will be complete, balanced and ready to take a bite out of life. Make an appointment today with the Marconi Dental Group and together we’ll make a plan for getting those important canine teeth out where they belong, as major players in your smile.

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