To insure your safety and faster recovery, the Marconi Dental Group provides the following instructions for patients after oral surgery.

If You Were Sedated

In the event you received more than local anesthesia, the following rules apply:

  1. For 24 hours you cannot drive, operate hazardous equipment or do any heavy lifting. You should not carry or sleep next to a child, or be left in charge of children by yourself. You also may not take any other sedatives or stimulants, including alcohol, caffeine or nicotine.
  2. Someone should accompany you until you have completely recovered from the sedation.  They should not let you climb stairs, be alone or walk without assistance (your assistant should hold your arm while you walk).
  3. Start eating and drinking as soon as you are able. Taking in nutrition and fluids is vital for a successful recovery. Avoid using a straw.
  4. Contact the Marconi Dental Group if you have any difficulties. In a medical emergency, call 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency room.

If You Had a Tooth Extracted

Bleeding – You will have some post-operative bleeding. This is normal. The gauze pad that was placed on the extraction site should be left there for two hours after you leave the Marconi Dental Group. Apply gentle pressure to this dressing. Put a towel on your pillow to prevent bloodstains. If bleeding seems excessive, apply clean gauze to the wound. Bleeding should stop within one hour.

Pain – Maximum discomfort should be expected within the hours after the surgery. Take the recommended pain medication within one to two hours of your procedure to lessen this post-surgical pain. Taking the medication with 7-Up or ginger ale can lessen the chance of nausea. Swelling, pain and discomfort is to be expected while you recuperate.

Nausea – As mentioned, take pain medication with something other than water, such as a non-caffeinated carbonated drink. A mild tea or broth may also be used.

Swelling – Expect the surgical site to be stiff and swollen for up to two days, after which the swelling will subside. To lessen swelling, apply ice externally for up to twenty minutes, off and on, during the first 24 hours. Afterwards, during the second and third day, a warm, moist compress may be placed on the cheek. Gently stretch the oral muscles to relieve stiffness.

Food – Start with a soft diet and liquids, but do not use a straw. The suction required for using a straw can lead to severe bleeding.

Oral Hygiene – Skip rinsing, spitting or tooth brushing during the first day. Starting on day two, gently rinse with warm salt water. Resume brushing, but avoid the surgical site for at least two more days.

Post-operative Activities – Rest for two to three days. Do not smoke for at least three days. Resume activities as you recover. Sports and exercise should not be resumed until swelling is gone and your diet is returned to normal. Avoid contact sports for at least one week. Do not play wind instruments for one week to ten days.

Bruising and Numbness – Depending on the person and the surgery, bruising is possible and even likely. This is normal. Numbness on the side of the extracted tooth is possible, but is seldom permanent.

Dry Socket – This is a very uncommon problem caused by poor healing of the tooth socket. If you experience pain that is not relieved by medication after the initial recovery has passed, contact the Marconi Dental Group. Also contact us if swelling increases after 5-7 days, instead of subsiding.

Emergencies – If there is any difficulty in breathing, fever, excessive bleeding or any other disturbing problems following the surgery, you should call the Marconi Dental Group immediately. There is a 24-hour answering service after office hours that can reach our doctors.