Have you ever had a hot cup of coffee and burned your tongue? Did you consider that you likely burned your gums too? Most of us don’t. We forget that our gums are soft tissue and, like the tongue, can suffer from bites, accidents, infections, and other issues. But we need our gums to stay healthy – they protect our teeth and roots from bacteria and disease. So, what if you have an injury to your gums?

Dealing with Gum Injuries

If bleeding is involved, it’s typically minimal and stops within minutes. Follow these steps to reduce bleeding and swelling.

If the bleeding doesn’t stop after following these steps, there might be other contributing factors. Contact the Sacramento area Marconi Dental Group for instructions. If unavailable, keep pressure on the affected area and get to your nearest emergency room – or call 911. Continuous blood loss is not a symptom to shrug off.

Foreign Objects and the Gums

Items like toothpick splinters, fingernails or fishbone fragments can easily get lodged between the teeth and gums. It’s not only frustrating, but often adds a level of discomfort or pain. What’s more, foreign objects pave the way to infection, if not removed.

Fortunately, that’s exactly what dental floss is designed to help resolve, so gently try that option first. A toothpick or interdental brush might dislodge the object, but it could also push it in further, causing more damage, so attempt any removal with caution. If the item simply will not vacate, call the Marconi Dental Group. Our dentists are trained in finding and removing such objects with special tools. Your dentist follows through with tips and pointers to protect the area, and then provides you with medication to prevent infection, if it is deemed necessary.

Treating a Periodontal Abscess

A periodontal (gum) abscess is a puss-filled sac that forms between your teeth and gums. They are indeed as unpleasant as they sound! Abscesses are the result of infections caused by foreign objects, disease, and other issues. Depending on their position, they can be very painful or disconcerting, and not always visible. Symptoms of an abscess include sudden headaches or toothaches, tenderness and swelling of the gums, swelling of the face, or even fever.

If you suspect you have a periodontal abscess, contact the Marconi Dental Group immediately. This type of infection can spread to other areas of the body and cause serious complications, like major bone loss. Our dentists locate and remove the abscess, often identifying the source of the abscess as well.

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