Are you having any problems with your dental implants?

With a 90% success rate, dental implants are typically the best solution for replacing missing teeth. However, on occasion it is possible that an implant not achieve desired results. For example, in some cases the implant may fail to integrate with surrounding tissue. This may result in a loose implant that must be removed.

Why Do Implants Fail?

There are a variety of reasons your mouth may not fully accept a dental implant, including:

In some cases, you may develop a problem with an implant years after surgery. For example, bacteria may infect the gum surrounding an implant, leading to a form of gum disease known as periimplantitis. Or, an implant or tooth restoration connected to an implant may break.

What Can You Do?

If any of the above is happened to you, don’t fear! The Sacramento dentists at the Marconi Dental Group are skilled in removing and replacing failed implants. In most cases, the new implant will last the rest of your lifetime. And if a replacement implant is not advisable, we can help you choose the best alternative form of treatment.

If you suspect you have a failed implant, contact the Marconi Dental Group today. As the Sacramento dental implant specialists, we’ll be happy to help fix your problem as soon as possible.

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