Why Might Our Carmichael Patients Need Veneers?

Teeth whitening procedures are available, along with other forms of cosmetic dentistry, from our Carmichael dentists.
Teeth whitening takes yellowed teeth and turns them white. Doing it with the Marconi Dental Group assures you that your enamel is not damaged in the process.

When you have healthy teeth, it’s something to smile about. But does that very same smile of gratitude include any of the following?

The solution to take your teeth from “Ho-hum” to “Hum baby” may very well be veneers. There are two types to consider – traditional porcelain veneers and a newer, thinner patented product called Lumineers. The doctors at the Carmichael office of the Marconi Dental Group will discuss the advantages of each and make a plan for taking your teeth to the next level of dazzling.

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