Keep Your Looks by Keeping Your Jawbone

Loosing Teeth Leads to Aging“Use it or lose it” is a term that aptly applies to exercise and bone loss. Regular vigorous exercise that puts stress on your limbs helps your body to retain bone density. The same principle applies to the density of your jaw bone. The effect of chewing and grinding up our food puts pressure on our teeth against our jaw. The bone responds by remaining intact and is able to hold our teeth firmly in place. A strong and healthy jawbone helps us keep a more youthful appearance and we can avoid the “caved in” look we may associate with old age.

Sadly, at times tooth loss is inevitable, because of past damage, decay or through an accident. But unlike traditional dentures or bridges, the advancements in dental implants can help you save a strong jaw bone. This will in turn preserve your profile and your youthful appearance. With dental implants, your jaw continues to receive stimulation when you chew and use your teeth. The team at Marconi Dental Group encourages tooth replacement with dental implants whenever and wherever possible.

Attaching Dentures with Implants

Another option, rather than a full set of dental implants, is affixing anchors that secure your dentures or partial denture in place. This procedure will also help to keep your jawbone strong by giving it the stimulation it needs to stay healthy. Some people call these “snap-in dentures,” as they’re still removable but use the secure support of dental implants to “snap in.” The experts at Carmichael’s Marconi Dental Group are happy to discuss all the choices available to you. Let us help you use it so you don’t lose it — your jaw bone that is.

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