What is a Prosthodontist?

What is a Prosthodontist

Besides being a mouthful to pronounce, what is a prosthodontist? Prosthodontics is a specialty field in dentistry. Prostho- refers to making a “replacement” and -dontist applies to “teeth”. So a prosthodontist specializes in replacing teeth. The Marconi Dental Group would like to explain, however, that a prosthodontist can do much more than just replace missing teeth, as terrific as that skill is.

Tasks for a Prosthodontist

A prosthodontist is trained to replace anywhere from one tooth to all of a patient’s teeth. Multiple technologies are available to accomplish this goal, such as dental implants, bridges and dentures. But besides restoring teeth, the practice of prosthodontics also involves repairing damage or abnormalities in the jaw. Cosmetic or restoration surgery on the jaws, and techniques such as bone grafting, are additional specialty areas for a prosthodontist.

The ultimate procedure for a prosthodontist is the full-mouth restoration or full-mouth reconstruction. This procedure potentially brings together every specialist in our dentistry group, including our skilled lab technicians. The prosthodontist takes the lead in managing the patient’s case and determining the best course to restore a mouth damaged by trauma or disease. In the end, a patient can literally go from toothless to a full-mouth smile!

How Do You Become a Prosthodontist?

To qualify for this specialty, a dentist must pass an examination administered by a national Board of Certification. Most dentists take this test after three additional years of schooling focused strictly on prosthodontics. Therefore, while a general dentist can perform nearly all of the procedures that are done by a prosthodontist, the specialist has more training in the field and has usually performed many of these restoration procedures in their case history.

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