Can I Get a Straighter Looking Smile By New Year’s Eve?

This the season. Once Halloween passes by, our schedules start filling up with holiday parties for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve, and the list could go on and on. Don’t forget your kid’s piano recitals or class parties. And what does everybody do during these events? Take pictures, of course.

But what if you’re embarrassed about that unsightly gap or crooked tooth at the front of your smile? Fortunately, there’s an option available to help you straighten your teeth by the time that the New Year rolls around: Six Month Smiles.

Does it Take Six Months?

More moderate to severe types of tooth misalignment generally take about six months to see full improvement. This is shorter than conventional braces, because the accelerated orthodontics only work on the teeth at the front of your smile…the ones that aesthetically seem far more significant.

That being said, a number of Six Month Smiles patients see significant changes in their smile’s appearance within the first few months. Even if you’re not finished with your treatment by New Year’s Day, if you start quickly, you’ll likely already get to enjoy a big improvement in your tooth alignment. Before you know it, it will be Easter and it will be time for your short term ortho to come off.

A Gift for Yourself

Maybe you’re considering which type of holiday presents to buy for your family or friends. It could be that it’s time to start planning to do something for yourself. A straighter smile isn’t just about feeling better about how you look…it can be a life changer.

Some people tell themselves that a straighter smile is a part of their resolution for the new year…improving their oral health as well as their lifestyle. Regardless of how you look at it, Six Month Smiles is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to straighten up your smile in as little time as necessary.

But What do They Look Like?

Six Month Smiles look like traditional or clear ceramic braces. Their low-profile design allows adults of every age to benefit from a treatment that isn’t noticeable in everyday interactions with other people. Other than having a thin wire that glides through the white brackets, not much else is visible. There are even white wire options, so that the entire system blends in with your teeth.

It Starts with a Consultation

Dr. Alizadeh offers a variety of orthodontic choices at Marconi Dental Group. One of the most popular types of braces that we make available in our Carmichael dentist office is Six Month Smiles. If you’re considering some type of accelerated or fast braces, it’s worth schedule a no-hassle consultation to learn more about the process. During your short visit, we can let you know whether or not the option is right for you!

Be sure to ask about our flexible financing options. Being that Six Month Smiles doesn’t take as long to complete, you might just be surprised at how affordable they can be!


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