Young female dentist giving anesthesia to the patient before dental surgery.
Dental Profession

The Joys of Novocaine!

Long the standard in local anesthesia for dentistry, Novocaine helps patients undergo procedures that otherwise might be impossible due to pain. The aftereffects, however, are

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Need for Dentures Rising

Need for Dentures Rises

The relative dental health of adults in California is quite good. For example, in one analysis, only 5-7% of Californians had lost six or more

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Dental Technician
Dental Devices

What is a Dental Technician?

Walk through a dental lab and you smell the scents of craftwork. Wax, ceramics, acrylics, porcelain, plaster, kilns for heating dental products and forges for

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Dental Implant

What Does a Periodontist Do?

Visit Carmichael’s Marconi Dental Group and you may notice that our practice includes a number of different dental specialists. Our dentists would like to explain

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