When a tooth is broken, decayed or otherwise damaged, it should not be ignored. The weakened parts want removal and replacing with material that restores their shape and strength. Otherwise, you may be in risk of losing the tooth permanently! There are cases when a dental filling is sufficient to restore tooth decay. Yet when more is needed, our dentists in Carmichael apply a finer approach with an inlay, overlay or crown. Let us “sink our teeth” into each of these procedures and list what to expect if you require one.

The Difference Between Inlays, Overlays and Crowns?

The amount of injury experienced by your tooth, either due to decay, trauma or accident, determines which restoration is needed:

All of these “indirect” restorations require preparation of the tooth and two trips to finish.

Process for Inlays, Overlays and Crowns

Providing these indirect restorations necessitates at least two trips to the Marconi Dental Group. At the first appointment, we decide the situation of the tooth. It needs to be altered to attach a restoration. We then take exact measurements of the tooth and create a mold or digital image of the area to be restored. The mold or image is then applied both to create a temporary crown and to make your indirect restoration in the dental laboratory. Once your restoration is completed, you return for its placement.
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