What is a Root Canal Procedure?

Most customers have heard of root canal therapy, but they do not actually know what takes place during the therapy. As the title suggests, it involves the canal inside your tooth that contains the root pulp that give your tooth feeling and blood. If this canal (or canals – larger teeth feature more than one) is infected, steps must be made to cure the complication and to preserve the tooth.

What Takes Place During a “Root Canal”?

an image of a root canalFirst, the infected pulp and microbial organisms are uncovered and eliminated with instruments and irrigation of the root canal. Using liquid antibiotic medicine to cure the microbial organisms is most important, leading to more successful root canal treatments. The main root canal is also enlarged to cure oral microorganisms inside the smaller branches and tubules inside the tooth. If the tooth is very infected, good antibiotic medication is put in the root canal, after which a temporary dental crown is attached to the tooth.

Finishing root canal treatment demands filling the space where the pulp once resided with dental material. This preserves the durability of the root. Afterwards, a permanent dental crown is put on the tooth to cover it again. Many materials are available for dental crowns — ask our Carmichael dentists for more information.

Making Root Canals Easy

With anesthetics and sleep dentistry, root canal therapy can be done with little stress for the client. Post-procedural antibiotic treatment may be recommended, based on the level of infection in the jaw. In a short time, any swelling or pain diminishes as the tissues heal. Regular dental visits and oral hygiene prevent the necessity for root canal treatment in the future.

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