Contrary to the myth, George Washington did not have wooden teeth. However, as he continued losing his natural teeth, General Washington employed an experienced dentist to help. One of his dentists fitted him with a device to fill in the gaps: dentures. Modern methods and technology have improved dentures so they look more natural and feel more comfortable.

Dentures consist of artificial teeth and an acrylic base that fits over the gums. They are easily removed for maintenance. If some of your teeth remain, partial dentures become an option.

Partial dentures fit between your remaining teeth and connect to them, using metal fittings to keep them in place. On occasion, crowns are added to your natural teeth to serve as anchors for the partial dentures.

As with any prosthesis, full or partial dentures take some getting used to – they might feel strange for a while. Inserting, removing and maintaining the dentures takes practice. Eating and speaking feels different until your mouth becomes accustomed to the dentures. If your dentist asks you to wear them extensively, your gums might become sore. However, this allows your dentist to identify problem areas or needed adjustments during follow-up visits. Eventually, living with dentures becomes part of your everyday routine.

As time goes by, a person’s mouth naturally changes with use. Your dentures might need adjustments to continue fitting properly. Regular checkups with the Marconi Dental Group keep your dentures looking natural and feeling comfortable. Wonder if partial dentures are right for you? Contact our dental team today and schedule a complimentary consultation.

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