Whenever patients think of false teeth, images of grandmothers and grandfathers and wooden teeth are the initial things that likely come to mind. Modern dentures, however, are fully apart from the appliances of dental history. Modern false teeth are produced by precision dental labs and the superb end results demonstrate it.

A partial or full denture is important if you are missing all or many of your teeth in one or both arches. For smaller sets of missing teeth, we create dental bridges. But why order false teeth at all? The reasons are more than cosmetic, although that is a noteworthy consideration. Dentures give you a nice smile, make you look younger and restore your ability to speak properly. They restore your ability to chew, and they bring back the confidence that unfortunately goes away with your teeth!

After your first consultation, our Carmichael dentist determines if you need a bridge or a denture. Careful measurements and a mold and/or digital images are made of your gums, mouth and jaws. Then you decide the color you prefer for your new teeth and whether you want immediate or conventional dentures. You can also elect to use dental implants to firmly secure your false teeth in place. Dental implant dentures, or “pop-in” dentures, are now the standard for dentistry and are offered for patients that fit certain dental guidelines.

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