A Smile Can Make Your World Brighter

Think about the last time you were sitting across from someone and they gave you a nice, sincere smile. When they reveal a row of straight, white teeth in their smile, how did you feel? A good smile can ease tension, break down barriers, and strengthen bonds between individuals. With the help of the Marconi Dental Group in Carmichael, you can widen your smile, knowing it will always be there for you.

There is a Permanent Solution

Marconi Dental Group is a community of dentists in Carmichael with vast experience in solving dental issues. And because of their continued success, permanent dentures (also called implant dentures) are the most sought after solution to missing teeth. As a result, Marconi Dental Group offers several affordable options for permanent dentures. Our goal is to make your smile shine. Here’s what getting a better smile entails.

The Procedure

Before any dental work is done, your Marconi Dental Group dentist conducts a comprehensive examination. This exam includes reviewing your medical history, x-rays, even sleeping, and eating habits – anything that could affect your teeth. If a computed tomography (CT) scan is needed to accurately determine the location of your nerves and sinuses, Marconi Dental Group has the equipment in-house. If there is not enough bone to support implant dentures – an uneven jawline, for instance – we have options to compensate. Your dentist discusses all the available approaches to your particular circumstances, making sure you understand your options. Once you and your dentist agree on the best option, the procedure is typically scheduled into two surgeries and follow-up visits.

During the first surgery, the dentist places the implant(s) in your jawbone. Over three to six months, the implants and bone fuse together as the jaw heals. These implants provide secure anchors to keep your permanent dentures squarely in place. At this point, only temporary dentures are used as your jaw heals.

When the fusing process is complete, we schedule a second surgery to prepare the gums for accepting the new dentures. Your Dentist adjusts your temporary dentures to accommodate the results of the second surgery. We are fully aware that every mouth is different, so we adjust the dentures to your mouth, not the other way around.

About two weeks later, you meet us in Carmichael again. Your dentist places abutments on the implant heads. These abutments take the pressure for your dentures when you are biting and chewing, and will not irritate your gums like many creams and adhesives on the market. Then your dentist casts an impression of your gum tissue and abutments, making a working model for the permanent denture framework, and we create your new teeth. Your dentist verifies the new teeth fit and function properly, and follows up with you to make sure there are no developing issues as you get used to your new teeth.

What to Expect

Like regular dentures, implant-supported dentures take time to get used to, but that is where the similarities end. Many people are amazed that permanent dentures look and feel so natural. What’s more, you will never worry about them falling or slipping out of place. You can eat most of the things you could with natural teeth. Additionally, creams and adhesives which accompany regular dentures can desensitize your ability to taste. Since you won’t use them with permanent dentures, they can’t hinder the flavors you wish to enjoy. And let’s not forget the benefits of a great smile.

So if you are looking for implant dentures in Carmichael, visit us at Marconi Dental Group for a free consultation. Let us show you what the best options are for you. Call us today at 916-589-6462 or contact us online to set up an appointment.

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