What if a dental implant fails? As with any medical procedure, failure can happen, although the vast majority of dental implant surgeries succeed over the long-term. If an implant becomes unfused from the bone, the implant has ‘failed’ and must be removed and replaced.

What Causes a Failed Dental Implant?

Trauma, infection during the healing process, insufficient bone, allergic reactions – even smoking and eating habits during the process could be contributing factors. Undiagnosed or new incidences of teeth grinding can also ruin an implant.

An unforeseen issue might appear years after the surgery – like periimplantitis, a form of gum disease that leads to bone loss. Since the Marconi Dental Group treats gum disease, regular checkups prevent periimplantitis.

In time, an implant ‘crown’ might break. This can happen from improper alignment or too much force applied to the implant. Chewing hard objects (like ice, pencils, and other foreign objects) can also cause failure of a crown.

If an implant fails, it needs to be removed and replaced. However, follow-up appointments and regular checkups often detect the matter before it leads to failure. Keep up your regular visits with the dentists at the Marconi Dental Group in Carmichael and we can prevent implant failure.

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