When you go through your old class photos, odds are that you see at least one person bearing a set of braces. Decades ago, it was common practice for children to get braces, but it was rare to see them on adults. Many feel braces are a “kid’s thing.” So lots of adults choose to put up with crooked teeth instead of wearing braces. With new technologies and materials, however, you can have straight teeth with or without braces. The Marconi Dental Group is glad to help people benefit from the latest advancements in orthodontics – the practice of moving and straightening your teeth using special appliances.

How Orthodontics Work

Orthodontic appliances use constant force to reposition your teeth. As you see the difference orthodontics make, you naturally want to show off your straightened teeth with a wider, more confident smile – and onlookers always notice the improvement. Straight teeth are also easier to maintain with brushing and flossing, giving you healthier teeth and gums. Orthodontics help with bite problems that cause jaw pain. Sometimes they move teeth into better position for a bridge or implant. They can even improve sleep patterns and end snoring.

Options in Orthodontics

Although ordinary braces are still available and the best choice for some issues, the Marconi Dental Group also offers alternative appliances that are more comfortable and less noticeable.

Traditional metal braces — These are the metal brackets in your class photo, bonded to the front of the teeth and connected by a metal wire running through the middle of each bracket.

Clear braces — With clear braces, the traditional metal brackets are swapped for plastic or ceramic brackets that blend in with the natural color of your teeth. They connect to each other with a thin arch wire that is usually still visible, but less pronounced.

Lingual Braces — Instead of being on the front of your teeth, lingual braces connect to the back of your teeth, facing the tongue. With this position, they are not visible to others. They require a more custom fit, and usually take a little longer to get used to.

Clear Aligners Clear aligners are a series of plastic trays customized to apply pressure to your teeth. As your teeth move into their new positions, you periodically receive a new set of trays to continue the pressure until the procedure is complete.

Most orthodontic procedures take anywhere from six to thirty-six months. The process can also be sped up using patented Propel technology. Once the appliances are removed, wearing a retainer for a specified time ensures your teeth stay in their new position.

Are you ready to start on the path to straighter teeth and a healthy looking smile? The Marconi Dental Group will happily go over the orthodontic options with you and answer any questions you have. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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