Reconstructive oral surgery is needed when damage has affected the mouth, jaws or teeth. Common problems that require reconstructive repair include trauma from accidents or incidents, damage left by the removal of oral cysts or tumors, and congenital or developmental defects in the oral cavity. When complete, reconstructive surgery accomplishes two goals.

  1. Restore full functionality — damaged jaws lead to difficulty chewing and speaking. Abnormal tissues create complications with swallowing, speaking and eating. Reconstructive surgery seeks to restore the abilities that were lost. In some cases, the client feels years younger when the procedure is complete.
  2. Complete cosmetic repair — damage to the jaw distorts the facial features. It also tends to ruin the smile. Reconstructive surgery restores the living framework that creates the patient’s natural appearance. If it’s possible to make improvements, we can do that too!

The situations that lead to reconstructive oral surgery are varied and the problems they create are complex. The Marconi Dental Group offers a full team of oral specialists, general dentists, and an in-house dental lab to support the reconstructive effort. For a free consultation to assess your needs and determine the best course of action for an effective repair, please contact Carmichael’s Marconi Dental Group.

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