When a tooth has minor issues with shape or size, tooth contouring can fix it to fit and match with your other teeth. Although this procedure cannot be used to solve every smile problem, for many patients it is the easiest and most economical way to solve cosmetic issues. Contouring is also used in orthodontics if a tooth needs to mimic a different type of tooth in order to fix your smile.

Contouring a Tooth

Contouring takes advantage of the fact that every tooth has more enamel than necessary. On average, enamel is more than two millimeters thick. This means that a thin part of the enamel layer can be shaped to eliminate blemishes, damage or unusual growths. X-rays taken prior to the procedure guarantee that sufficient enamel is available to shape the tooth.

Since the enamel contains no nerve endings, tooth contouring is essentially painless. Our Carmichael dentist carefully grinds away the problem portions of the tooth, leaving plenty of enamel for protecting the softer tissues inside. The procedure usually takes no more than thirty minutes, depending on the number of teeth being contoured.

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