Advantages of the Zoom Teeth Whitening System

Zoom! Tooth Whitening allows for rapid tooth whitening for our Carmichael patients.It took a while for your white teeth to become not so bright. Years of coffee drinking, tea sipping and cigarette smoking do damage to a smile, along with all those blueberries and other enamel-staining foods. Does that mean it will take a long time to turn your teeth white again? Not with the Zoom! Whitening System. Zoom! lives up to its name and takes less than an hour to give you a whiter smile. Using a proprietary gel tested extensively for effectiveness and a specialized oral lighting system, the Zoom! process will make your smile an average of eight shades lighter than before.

Some Advantages of the Zoom! System

  • Time – Who wants to wait when whiter teeth are a mere 60 minutes away? With only one visit to the Marconi Dental Group, your Zoom! tooth whitening will be done and you’ll be ready to go about your business, now with a whiter, brighter and healthier looking smile!
  • Sensitivity – Some users of conventional whitening agents complain of tooth sensitivity. In contrast, the Zoom! whitening process is effective, gentle and fast.
  • Experience – The trained staff at the Marconi Dental Group administers the whitening agent and directs the entire process. There are no trays to fill, tubes to squeeze or gels to measure out. Just come in, sit down and prepare to be dazzled in a very short time!
  • Results –Zoom! Whiter teeth than when you walked in! You’ll notice, your family will notice and everyone you smile at will notice whiter teeth and a bright smile, guaranteed.

Contact us for an appointment. Your teeth are one short hour away from a brighter and whiter smile.

Tooth Whitening Methods Compared

MethodsTreatment of TimeResultsNotes
Zoom! Chairside45 MinutesAvg. 8 shadesResults are immediateLong lasting

Less fading

Safe & comfortable

No guesswork, performed by a dental professional

At-Home OTC Trays7-14 Days6 shadesDo it yourselfTrays

No immediate results

Whitening Strips or Paint-on Gel7-30 Days3-4 shadesUnreliable tooth whiteningNo immediate results
Toothpaste1 Month +1-2 shadesYou lose the results once you stop using the toothpasteTreats surface stains only

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