After years of wear and tear from eating, drinking and other habits, a white set of teeth naturally shows its age with stains or by yellowing. It’s no wonder that so many people in Carmichael want to bring the white back to their smile. However, toothpaste with “whitening agents” and bad-tasting whitening compounds usually fail to meet expectations. Getting white teeth again requires more than simply brushing them with special toothpaste, flossing with whitening floss, or using a specific mouthwash.

Marconi Dental Group not only whitens your teeth with a proven method you can also use at home, but we are also there to answer any questions as you proceed. Here’s what you can expect from our standard tooth whitening process.

Tooth Whitening Process

Our Carmichael dentists examine your teeth and your smile and then go over the findings with you. Once you are ready, the dentists take a mold of your teeth. The dental lab uses this mold to create a set of flexible, plastic trays that fit your top and bottom teeth perfectly. This custom fitting protects your gums and ensures the treatment whitens your own particular set of teeth properly – a personal touch you cannot get from over-the-counter compounds.

When the trays are ready, we have you come in and test the fit during a second visit. We also walk you through using the whitening gel with the trays, when to use them, and for how long – depending on your individual needs and goals to bring the white back to your smile. We also follow up to make sure you are seeing noticeable results.

A whiter smile is available for you, and you don’t have to settle for less. Instead of hoping generic pastes and compounds make a difference, the Marconi Dental Group tailor-fits your efforts, answers your questions and ensures you enjoy a whiter smile. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to brighten your smile!

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