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The Perfect Smile


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Restful Procedures

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No More Snoring

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No insurance? No problem!

Our in-house dental membership plan is an affordable, annual program with no yearly maximums and no deductibles.

Some of the advantages of a Marconi Dental Plan membership include:

There is no waiting period for these services. The moment you make your first payment on the membership plan, you are eligible for treatment.

General Dentistry Services

Dental Imaging

X-rays and intraoral cameras help our dentists to identify and treat any developing cracks, cavities, cysts, or abscesses before they become major problems.

Dental Exams

Our dentists look for early signs of oral cancer, tumors, lesions, and cysts, in addition to gum disease and tooth decay. Contact us today for a dental exam!

Dental Cleaning

Dental cleanings cure and prevent gum disease and halt the progress of tooth decay. Keep your teeth and gums both fresh and healthy with Sacramento’s best dental hygienists.

Gum Disease

Gum disease leads to bad breath, tooth decay and lost teeth. Preventive dentistry stops the advance of gum disease to keep your teeth, jaws and gums healthy.

Specialty Dentistry Services

Oral Surgery

From removing wisdom teeth to installing dental implants, the Marconi Dental Group provides oral surgery, both by appointment and for emergency services.


Periodontics restores gums that are irritated or that have shrunk and left behind exposed roots. Save your teeth from falling out with the Marconi Dental Group.


Saving damaged teeth is the purpose of endodontics. An example is root canal treatment to stop a toothache by removing seriously invasive tooth decay.


Our Sacramento Prosthodontists specialize in replacing teeth, cosmetic and restoration jaw surgery and even full mouth restorations. Schedule a consult today!

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