“An endodontist is a dentist who specializes in saving teeth.” — American Dental Association

Endodontics includes procedures that deal with the dental pulp and the tissues surrounding the roots of teeth. Endodontics also deals with salvaging teeth that have suffered damage from trauma or accident, as well as teeth that are cracked or severely chipped. Sacramento’s Marconi Dental Group includes an endodontist, and a master lab technician to supply crowns, for all endodontic procedures.

Typical Endodontic Treatments

Our dentists and endodontist may help you with any of the following endodontic treatments:

These are by no means the only procedures performed under the umbrella of endodontics. Anything that involves saving a tooth from extraction or dealing with the roots and surrounding gum tissue is part of dental training in endodontics. For more information about endodontic procedures at the Marconi Dental Group, please read the pages in this section or contact us to answer your questions or arrange a consultation.

Video Overview: Progression of Decay

This video shows you how plaque and bacteria build up on your teeth can progress and ultimately cause decay that places the tooth at risk if left untreated.

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